Momentum Inc. is a visionary concept for the design and organization of events that transforms reality through the application of two principles: a unique purpose and flawless execution.

Our driving force is the development and improvement of quality of life in our community. Therefore, our goal is not simply to create events; but rather to create unique, memorable and extravagant experiences for everyone who comes into contact with the events of Momentum Inc.

Event Design & Production

Event Design & Production.

The execution of an event is truly an art. The charm and memorability of our events lies in the subtle details that demonstrate our commitment and sincere desire. We are devoted to and strive to achieve perfection. By cooperating with us, you too will be part of this grand transformation.

Branding & Design.

Exceptional design is the foundation of your brand. In the words of Jeff Bezos “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. We can help you get your business branding right and give your brand a voice that will be easily recognized. From logo to website & everything in between.

Branding & Design


We would never be able to thrive without a constant devotion to perfecting and upgrading our knowledge. An innovative idea will be welcomed only if communicated in the right way and to the right audience. Need assistance in organizing a memorable conference? Feel free to contact us.

Integrated campaigns.

Creating, executing and managing your campaign is our specialty. Our campaigns focus on experiential & events marketing, in line with our permanent commitment to engage the customer in memorable experiences. Tell us what you want to say to your clients and we will make sure that they get the message loud and clear, while bringing your brand to life.

Integrated campaigns
Team building

Team building.

Creativity & happiness is the key, especially in a team. If you are looking for ways to motivate, engage and/or strengthen the bond between them and the company look no further. We organize the best team building activities. Just ask our team.

Please take note of the General Rules & Conditions for participation in ALL Momentum Inc.’s brand projects – Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo, Fashion & Lifestyle Expo, Man of the Year, Taste of Skopje & After School HERE.

Ве молиме обрнете внимание на Општите Правила и Услови за учество на СИТЕ бренд проекти на Моментум Инк. – Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo, Fashion & Lifestyle Expo, Man of the Year, Вкусот на Скопје и После часови ОВДЕ.